About Wake Forest Dermatology

At Wake Forest Dermatology in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Dr. Patricia Matheis, MD, takes pride in serving as the community’s primary skin care physician. She emphasizes holistic and naturopathic approaches, specializing in diagnosing and treating skin conditions across all age groups. Patients can expect tailored treatment plans with a focus on individual needs.

Dr. Matheis conducts thorough evaluations and discussions with each patient to address their skin concerns and explore preventive measures and treatment options. Services offered at Wake Forest Dermatology encompass medical treatments for conditions such as acne, eczema, moles, psoriasis, and skin cancer. Additionally, cosmetic services including Botox®, fillers, and laser treatments are available to address various aesthetic needs.

With over a decade of dedicated service to the Wake Forest community, Dr. Matheis consistently delivers results, improving patients’ conditions and enhancing their confidence in their appearance. Patients can trust in the comprehensive care provided by Wake Forest Dermatology. Schedule a consultation today to experience personalized care and achieve your skin health goals.